Top 10 Survival Tips Every Hiker Should Know

Survivalists love going out to difficult terrains and doing their best to get in the worst situations out there. However, they know how to keep themselves safe, and they offer advice to all the hikers out there who wish to go out, but are too afraid of something happening to them. But, don’t worry, just follow these 10 steps, and you should be fine and safe.

#1 – Tell people where you’re going

It’s great if you’re planning to go somewhere all by yourself, but make sure you tell at least one person where you’re going. That way, if for some reason you can’t be found, the rescuers will, at least, know where to start looking for you.

#2 – Respect the nature

Nature never does exactly what you want it to, so you have to respect it. If you were hoping for a nice sunny afternoon, and it turns out that it’s going to rain, you have to respect that. And if the conditions are bad, there’s no shame in turning around. Wait for the perfect conditions, and then go out into the nature.

hiking gear#3 – Take the right gear with you

There are some things that everyone in the great outdoors should have. Things like compass, pocket knife and a map. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if you bring a lighter, a whistle, first aid kit, and some water with you. Those things should mean the difference between life and death in certain situations.

#4 – Beware of the wild animals

While you’re in the outdoors, you’re likely to meet some of the animals. But, beware! Not all animals are friendly. Make sure you read a manual about these sorts of things before setting out on your journey, so you would know how to keep yourself safe in these types of situations.

#5 – Make a plan, and stick to it!

If you’re going out, make sure you make a plan, and sticking to it is extremely important. Going off plan may result in some unexpected occurrences, and while you’re in the outdoors, those are exactly the kind of things that you should avoid.

#6 – Stay visible

Make sure that the rescuers can find you, and don’t go out taking some unexpected paths. So, stay on the normal paths, but also blow your whistle now and then.

#7 – Signal for help

If you get lost for some reason, make sure you can signal for help. You can do that by building a fire in a place where it will be visible, and make sure you don’t start a wildfire! Also, if you’re on a plain, you can make a sign that can be seen from the air.

#8 – Be motivated, and not afraid

Well, no one can do everything, so don’t feel bad if certain things don’t work out the way you wanted them to. The most important thing is to remain motivated, and not to get afraid that you’ll die out there. Just keep yourself cool, and everything will be okay.

#9 – Find water

If you’ve run out of the water you brought with you, you need to make sure you find a water source. Just remember that water should be filtered, at least through a sock or some sort of fabric.

#10 – Build a shelter

In case you’re not found yet, and it’s starting to get dark, it’s not a good sign. That’s why you should build a shelter right away, so you’d keep yourself safe from the elements, nature, wild animals, etc.